Creative Coffee Meetups


#CreativeCoffeeMeetups is a platform for creatives and entrepreneurs to share knowledge and learn from fellow attendees.

Yes, our own little eco system where we can learn and grow together.

This is one of its kind meetup session ever in Lahore, here’s what happens:

We set a theme covering everything ranging from startups to business to blogging to growth hacking to bitcoins to photography to body building to self-help and anything imaginable by collectively upvote topics we’d like to get advice or share knowledge on.

These sessions can range from any topic like productivity hackshow to test an idea without having customerswhat’s the hardest lesson people have learned in businesshow do you build a 100% transparent company, starting your online business, learning new skillsThere’s always a lot to learn and great people to meet.

What is #CreativeCoffeeMeetups ?!

Creative Coffee Meetups is an informal yet structured meetup. Participants gather, introduce themselves, share their experiences and democratically choose the topic of discussion by vote, then get talking, and share happiness over a cup of coffee or pizza. We will have small talks on selected topic from industry professionals and thought leaders.

We are starting the Creative Coffee Movement from Lahore, Pakistan and will continue to other cities including Gujranwala, Sialkot, Islamabad and Karachi.

Previous Meetups
14th May 2016 – Behance Portfolio Review at Cafe Milano

Next Meetup
disclosed to registered participants only
Date: disclosed to registered participants only
Time: disclosed to registered participants only

Who’s invited?

  • entrepreneurs, budding startups or people with a passion for startups
  • intrapreneurs
  • social activists or philanthropists
  • investors (everyone will love you – trust us)
  • small business owners
  • creatives like bloggers, writers, photographers, videographers, artists, musicians, actors, graphic designers, developers, marketers, sales people.
  • Digital Nomads and travelers
  • …or anyone who simply wants to learn, or create.

What can you expect:

  • Meet cool people and make connections
  • Share knowledge
  • Learn skills and discuss technologies and tools
  • Exchange Ideas
  • Share experiences, experiments and hacks (good and bad)
  • Wifi will be available

How to Register?

Goods things are not free so you have to pay us by one of the following methods.

Meetup Fee (1000 Rs/- per person)
This cost overs your
– Entry Fee
– Food and Drink

or donate a self-help book and pay for your own food.

Do you want to sponsor the whole event ? then talk to me

Where did Creative Coffee Meetups Started?

Started in Lahore in 2016. Muhammad Gohar Shafique wanted to start a group where people could network, talk informally and learn – but didn’t want to start a whole new cumbersome organization with steering committees, mentors, speakers, and such. I wanted a group that did not rely on anything other than people showing up and wanting to learn or create.

Creative Coffee Management

  • Asna Chaudhry
  • Mueed Masood